Torsten Mayer-Rothbarth

A few words about me

My name is Torsten Mayer-Rothbarth, or Tocco, as those who know me closer call me. I’m an award-winning Graphic Designer with 25+ years of branding and CI experience, with a strong focus and specialization in digital media. I bring to the table a proven expertise in creative strategy, vision, communication, and team management. Originally from Berlin, I spent much of my childhood in Santiago de Chile. I have lived and worked since 2010 in the USA, due to my American wife’s urge to bring back a “souvenir” from her summer in Berlin. What began as a couple in Washington D.C., is now a family of five, just coming  back from 10 years in California, with the addition of our daughter, Eve, and twins, Helena and Emil, now in Rhode Island.

My current professional engagement is with leading the team as Principal UI & Design Systems. Prior in a similar position at Visa Inc., joining their team from the agency side at  Sapient.Razorfish in its San Francisco location. It is now known as Publicis.Sapient, one of the world’s most innovative digital-branding agencies. As Associate Creative Director, I have had the honor to work on global-scale branding initiatives for Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Visa Inc., to name a few. I have worked to establish online media strategies, customer and user experiences as well as corporate identities of these companies to ensure brand consistency on a global level. The precise consideration of all specific requirements and needs of these companies has led to very successful projects, products, and established great partnerships with the clientele.

Based around the philosophy of “Design Thinking”, the approach to my work always tries to incorporate these ideas. At each of the studios I have worked, I co-ordinated interdisciplinary work between teams, including classic print design, 3D design, environmental design and most importantly between visual design and development teams. Fostering a collaborative environment we achieved consistent corporate identities, complex branding initiatives, successful product launches and dynamic designs for B2B as well as B2C.

In addition to my work as a designer and based on my research experience in digital media and typography at the research center “coinn” at the University of the Arts Bremen, from which I also graduated as “Diplom Graphic-Designer” 1996. I’ve also served as a lecturer, teaching “Basic Principles of Graphic Design in Digital Media“, first as an ongoing lecturer and later, as a guest-professor.



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